Thursday, August 08, 2013

More images from the Summer 2013 Figure Drawing workshop

 Ink direct onto paper, no pencil cheating guidelines first!  30 min
 10 min quickie
 Another 10 min quickie
 20 min contour line
 Colour!  What?  Really!
 Back Study - 1 hour, graphite
 Ink and aqurelle pencil wash
 Graphite, 30 min
 10 min quickie
20 min contour drawing, mix of blind contour and peeping a bit
 Colour!  Ink and pencil crayon, 30 min
 Colour again!  Ink and pencil crayon, 1 hour
20 min graphite
45 min ink
 20 min graphite
 50 min graphite
 5 min blind contour of model's feet in previous pose
 20 min, graphite
 20 min graphite
30 min coloured pencil

Huge thanks to Sharron C for hosting, all our amazing models for inspiring, and Sharron A for keeping us nourished.  What an incredible week! 


dawn said...

Your talent amazes me, Anne. No figure I draw is even remotely recognizable, so I can appreciate the skill you have acquired in drawing such life-like images. Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much. I would say it's 15 percent talent, 85 percent hard work!